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Mouse Neural Differentiation Media (Ndiff 227)
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Cellartis Y40002 NDiff® 227 500 ml ¥3,946 Mouse Neural Differentiation Media (Ndiff 227) Mouse Neural Differentiation Media (Ndiff 227) Mouse Neural Differentiation Media (Ndiff 227)
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小鼠ES干细胞向神经细胞分化诱导培养基 NDiff 227
■ 产品特点
· A complete, serum-free, ready‐to‐use medium for neural differentiation of mouse ES cells
· Supplemented with N2 and B-27
■ 产品应用
· Neural differentiation of mouse ES cells in monoculture
· Refer to the Data Sheet for additional examples of use
■ 产品详情请点击:Mouse Neural Differentiation Media (Ndiff 227)
Mouse Neural Differentiation Media (Ndiff 227)
Neural differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells cultured in adherent monoculture conditions with NDiff 227 medium.
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