Anti-PRDX5 Polyclonal Antibody-一抗-抗体-蛋白与免疫

Anti-PRDX5 Polyclonal Antibody

品牌:solarbio | 货号:K004442P

英文名称 Anti-PRDX5 Polyclonal Antibody
宿主 Rabbit
别名 ACR1;AOEB166;B166;HEL-S-55;PLP;PMP20;PRDX6;PRXV;SBBI10;prx-V
稀释比例 WB 1:500-2000. IHC 1:50-200. IF 1:50-200.
交叉反应 Human Mouse
蛋白分子量 22kDa
Gene ID 25824
保存 Store at -20°C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.
储存液 Buffer: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.
纯化方法 Affinity purification
亚型 IgG
免疫原 Recombinant protein of human PRDX5
性状 液体
Public Immunogen Range Recombinant protein of human PRDX5
Subcellular Locations Cytoplasm Mitochondrion Peroxisome
Swiss Prot P30044
克隆类型 Polyclonal Antibody
背景资料 This gene encodes a member of the peroxiredoxin family of antioxidant enzymes, which reduce hydrogen peroxide and alkyl hydroperoxides. The encoded protein may play an antioxidant protective role in different tissues under normal conditions and during inflammatory processes. This protein interacts with peroxisome receptor 1. The crystal structure of this protein in its reduced form has been resolved to 1.5 angstrom resolution. This gene uses alternate in-frame translation initiation sites to generate mitochondrial or peroxisomal/cytoplasmic forms. Three transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms have been identified for this gene.